Visas type to Thailand for UK citizens

visas to Thailand

For a work permit holder (NON-B):
– A valid work permit (or work permit letter issued by a Thai government agency- WP3)
– Letter from employer
– If accompanied by spouse/children, please provide marriage/birth certificate

For Short-term Business Meeting (NON-B)
– Letter of invitation indicating the purpose and duration of stay in Thailand from a Thai government authority or Thai company.
-Registration documents of the company/organization (copies must be signed by an authorized person and stamped with the company seal). Company must have a share capital (fully paid) not less than 2 million baht.
– Russian bank statement from the visa applicant with a deposit of at least 500,000 baht per month for the last 6 months

For owners of real estate in Thailand (NON-B)
– A copy of the document of ownership of the property in Thailand or proof of purchase of real estate and relevant documents.
– A copy of bank statements from a Thai bank account with a deposit of at least 3 million baht or Thai government bonds not less than 3 million baht
– A bank statement from the applicant for a visa with a deposit of at least 500,000 baht every month for the past 6 months

For Student (NON-ED)
– A letter from a school, university or institute confirming your student status;
If you are accompanied by a parent/guardian:
– Birth/Custody Certificate
* Remark: at this time, entry into Thailand for students admitted to “unofficial” educational institutions such as
Culinary schools/courses, language schools/courses – are prohibited. Please check the status of the institution in advance.

For family members of a Thai national (NON-O)
– Marriage/birth certificate
– Thai ID card
– For all types of visas other than tourist visas (TR/STV), the applicant must send all necessary documents for visa approval for review at least 15 business days before the intended departure. Once approved by email, applicants can apply for a visa .Your request will be reviewed by Embassy staff on a case-by-case basis depending on your purpose of entry. The Embassy will notify you of the outcome via email.


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