Visa to Thailand for UK and Conditions

Announced by the Thai government “special tourist visa” program STV still works, it can come to rest for a long time. In addition, there are ordinary tourist visas, as well as the usual “entry by stamp” for the usual 30 days (the official name of the stamp for use in the application Thai Pass – Medium Term visitor, visa exemption).

Now you can enter Thailand for 30 days without a visa, and in Phuket vaccinated you can enter without any problems.

If you need to stay for 90 days, then a single entry visa through the consulate is now quite realistic.

Т Tourist visa for 180 days (double entry) and more now officially do not give, only the student and pension.

Also launched a site for electronic visas online –

In February the government opened the whole country to vaccinated tourists. We advise booking airline tickets now, while prices are low. You can enter only vaccinated by 2 shots from any country, with insurance ($50,000 incl. COVID) and PCR tests at your own expense (home, the first Thai goes on the day of arrival and on the 5th-7th day, pre-booked). Inexpensive authorized hotels are booked at $100-$200 per week.

In cases where you are unvaccinated, while you can get in only through quarantine 10-14 days. A list of quarantine hotels is here (sometimes entry only works through a VPN). While it used to be very expensive, it’s much cheaper now. High-end hotels let you go for a walk, give you gifts, and brighten up your stay.
At more economical hotels they complain about poor food and, often, about “not enough room. It is not possible to pass the quarantine in their homes, so the owners of real estate in Thailand will have to spend the cherished days for the good of the state.

Please note that it is better to discuss all points on your stay directly with the hotel in advance (room accommodation, meals, walks, etc.). And prepayment is not refundable, remember that.

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