Visa-free entry to Thailand

According to the bilateral agreement between the countries, no visa is required to visit Thailand for a stay up to 30 days.

How to get one
– On arrival in Thailand at any border control (both at airports and at other border crossing points from neighboring countries) only entry and exit stamps are put in the passport.
– Together with the passport at the control you must present a filled in migration card, including for children.
– no additional fees are charged.
validity period of the passport

When visiting Thailand without a visa, a passport is required. As a rule, the Immigration Service of Thailand allows those whose passport is valid for 30 days or more to stay in Thailand. Those whose passport is less than 30 days old are allowed to stay in Thailand no longer than the validity of their passport.

Some airlines may refuse to allow those whose passports are less than 6 months old to travel. Please check with the airline before booking tours or tickets.

In case of failure to leave the country within the period indicated on the stamp, tourists must pay a fine of 500 baht for each day of visa-free stay in the country.

Extension of stay in Thailand for visa-free entry
Beginning August 29, 2014, tourists who enter Thailand under a visa-free regime will be able to extend their stay by an additional 30 days, up to a total of 60 days. To apply for the extension of stay, you must apply to the office of the Immigration Office of Thailand, filling out an application, as well as providing a passport and a passport-size photo. The cost of the extension – 1,900 baht.

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