Update on UK visa appointments

Another UK wide lock, along with the new year.

In Scotland, this has come in shape of the health protection coronavirus restrictions and requirements local levels, Scotland amendment number 10 regulations, 2021.

In spite of the lockdown. The UK visa citizenship and application service center in Glasgow, run by self hysteria stays open any UK visa applicant with a biometric appointment booked in the past can attend their appointment normally, and it will be possible to book and attend appointments during the course of the lockdown.

You can book the free appointment at the center in Glasgow, which is the only call center. There are enhanced service points in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, the Aberdeen center is temporarily out of service until the 18th of January 2021, the Edinburgh center seems to be open currently, although there appears to be very less appointments available.

Even at the call center in Glasgow. It can be problematic to attain appointment. Nevertheless, new appointments are added daily. So it is always useful to check for appointments, every day. Under the new lockdown regulations. Do not leave your home without logical excuse me I mentioned the lockdown regulations. In our previous videos. Link mentioned. Please keep in mind.

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