uk marriage visa for thailand

UK Marriage visa

Are you planning to move to the UK and live with your wife or partner? You might need to get a visa based on your current citizenship. Settling in the UK with your Thai partner would be the ideal option if you have a great job and a place to live. A UK spouse visa can be the best solution to bringing your spouse to stay with you in the UK.

What is a UK marriage visa?

Also named as spouse visa, a UK marriage visa lets the married people of UK citizens immigrate to their partner/ fiancé immigrate to the UK as they are legally married or have a civil relationship.

UK Marriage Visa Requirements

If you are a Thailand citizen from a country other than Europe and you are planning to get your spouse living in the UK with you legalized, you can apply for a spouse visa to bring your partner to come and live with you. There are two primary requirements for that;

  • He/she must be your fiancé/ civil partner
  • You must have lived with your partner for at least 2 years

If you are permanently settled in the UK, your partner should have one of the following details;

He/she can apply either as a dependant of Tier 4 visa holder or a general (tier 2) visa holder.

If you have humanitarian protection or you are a refugee, you can apply on GOV.UK for a family reunion. The rules are contrasting for each type of partner, but you must have to prove that your relationship is legal, and you have sufficient money to support your spouse. These are the logical requirements; after all, you are sponsoring a person to the UK for indefinite leave to remain. Your partner can apply from anywhere. Even if they are living in the UK, they can apply for it as long as they;

  • Have given an exception to stay in the UK for over 6 months
  • Are not applying as your fiancé(e)
  • They are not staying in the UK on a visit visa

If they are allowed to stay for 6 months or less on their original visa, they will not be able to switch their visit visa to a spouse visa while living in the UK. They must have to leave the UK and again apply for a spouse visa.

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