uk marriage visa and permanent residence

UK marriage visa and UK fiancee visa for permanent residence is issued

Family members of British citizens or citizens of other states who reside in the UK,

Family members (children, spouses) of temporary workers or students,

Brides (grooms), partners of British citizens or citizens of other states who live in the country, for the purpose of getting married and/or living together in the country.

The cost of obtaining a wife’s visa to the UK is 19500 rubles and includes all the work “turnkey” so that you get a visa.

The services include initial and subsequent consultations, drawing up a list of documents for you and your spouse, checking documents, filling out a questionnaire, registering on all websites, translating Russian-language documents, as well as uploading documents to the website of the British visa center.

Scanning and downloading of documents for this visa by employees of British visa centers in Russia is no longer performed.

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