UK bride visa for Thai national

A visa to settle in the UK in the form of a fiancé visa is the key to making sure that your Thai bride stays with you in the UK forever. This is relevant for couples who plan to get married in the UK and then adjust the bride’s immigration status after marriage.

When applying for your Thai bride visa in the UK, you must meet two important requirements: your relationship with your Thai bride and your financial situation in the UK. In order to establish a plausible and permanent relationship between you and your fiancée, you need to have known each other and been together for at least 6 months. This should be seen as a logical requirement since you are sponsoring someone to the UK who you hope will be your long-term life partner. The longer you know each other, the better.

In addition, you also need to provide physical evidence of your actual relationship in the form of exchanging emails, photos together in various places, remittance receipts, phone bills, boarding passes in Thailand, and any other evidence that can prove your existing relationship. You also need to provide proof that you can get married, and if you were already married, you need to provide the appropriate certificate proving the dissolution of your previous marriage. Finally, you need to write a letter detailing how your relationship began and developed, which in turn will be the literature of all the evidence you have gathered about your relationship.

Recently, the British Embassy has also begun to require a letter of intent to marry from the British registrar for the visa applicant and the British groom. However, this requires the foreign bride to be present in the UK at the registrar’s office before this letter is issued. It is best to contact the municipal registrar in your area to fulfill this requirement.

The next factor is your financial situation in the UK. This is because the UK government wants to make sure that you can support your wife-to-be’s stay in the country without resorting to government funds. Therefore, you, as your fiancée’s visa sponsor, must provide bank statements, at least 3 payslips, a letter from your place of employment, a certificate of home ownership or mortgage deed, and photos of your home. This is not counting the sponsorship letter, which confirms your willingness to sponsor her for the duration of her stay in the UK.

Your fiancée’s documents and your documents will be collected, processed, and prepared for your application. When everything is ready, the visa application is submitted to the VFS. It will take two to three weeks to process your visa application. If an interview is required, the processing time will be longer. If you get the visa, your wife is allowed to stay in the UK for six months. Once you are married in the UK, you can change your fiancée’s immigration status so that she can stay there permanently.

The processing of a fiancée visa requires careful preparation of the necessary documents. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the services of a UK visa specialist to help you and your Thai bride through the visa process. You can also visit this website for more information.

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