Types of visas to visit Thailand for UK

Depending on the purpose of stay in Thailand, in 2021 Russians can apply for the following types of entry permits:

Long stay tourist visa (TR). Entitles you to enter Thailand for the purpose of tourism for up to 60 days with a 30-day extension fee. To obtain the permit, apply to the embassy and provide a set of documents according to the recommended list.
Special Tourist Visa (STV). Issued for single entry into Thailand for a long period of time for tourism purposes. The maximum duration of stay is 90 days with double extension up to 180 days. A total of 270 days can be spent in the kingdom. Each extension of the visa requires the payment of an additional fee.
Medical visa (MT). Russian citizens planning to stay in the kingdom for the purpose of treatment in a Thai hospital. Requires an invitation from a medical institution, as well as medical reports and documents from Russian specialists.
Nonimmigrant visas. Englishmen may come to Thailand to study, visit relatives, negotiate with business partners, conduct commercial transactions, set up business, visit religious sites and for other purposes. Depending on the purpose of the trip the Thai Embassy will issue a visa of the appropriate category for the required period. If the trip falls within the 30-day visa-free corridor, a visa is not required.
Diplomatic visa. Issued to Englishmen holding diplomatic passports who come to Thailand for service in the British Embassy.

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