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The most common reasons for refusing an English visa for Thailand citizens

1. Incorrectly identified the purpose of the trip

This point is of paramount importance and is “formative”. It largely depends on the content of the questionnaire and the list of documents that will need to be attached to your application. For example, if you request a business visa with the idea that you will travel at the same time, and therefore decide not to attach an invitation from the host organization, then you will, of course, be refused an English visa – precisely because there is no confirmation for the purpose of the trip indicated in the questionnaire. There are many such examples, but the essence boils down to one thing: determining the purpose of the trip is in the first place, and the future fate of the visa application depends on it.

2. Indicated for too long periods of travel

First, in such a situation, the question will certainly arise, why do you need to travel in the UK for, for example, 6 weeks, especially if you do not know anyone in this country? Maybe you know someone and decided to hide this fact, and this is the worst option that can lead to a refusal to obtain a visa to the UK. The second is the availability of funds and their source. Do you have enough money to make a long trip? Will the employer wait for you for two months, or maybe you have already quit and now do not have a source of income and economic ties to your homeland? The British, most likely, will assume the worst option and, of course, will not give a visa.

3. The lack of the necessary document

Everything that you state in the questionnaire must be confirmed by an appropriate document. The absence of a document for the British will devalue the information provided. Even if you are the Director of a large company, on the website of which there is your photo and a long biography, a certificate from work is still necessary. The visa officer will not even search for the company on the web if he does not see the attached certificate. It is also necessary to understand the degree of importance of the document in a particular situation: for example, the head of the Department with a long experience, married and with children, the British will “forgive” the lack of documents for property, but a young single girl office Manager-hardly.

4. The applicant is at risk

The British have a number of criteria by which they evaluate applicants. Not very good indicators for one can be compensated by something else. But if several disadvantages are collected from one applicant, then the probability of refusal of a visa to England is high for him, since he is at risk. In 2021, it includes young, childless applicants who are not officially or civilly married and have recently got a job. If they do not have property, then the chances of getting a visa are close to zero. Such applicants need to carefully consider all the pros and cons, as well as think about how to present their situation in a favorable light.

5. Incorrectly completed visa application form

A special form on the website of the Border service is the most important document for registration-along with the accompanying papers. The officer begins the examination with the questionnaire, because here all the basic information about the applicant is collected. And this means that such a questionnaire should be filled out without errors and with the necessary explanations of all the points that cause doubt. You should not rely only on supporting documents: they are, of course, studied, but the electronic form is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, not all applicants understand this, and therefore fill it out carelessly, and, as a result, they are refused a visa to Britain-even with impeccable certificates.

6. Errors and inaccuracies in document translations

The British Embassy does not impose serious requirements for translations of accompanying documents: they can be performed by the applicant himself, if he speaks English at a sufficient level. But still, you should take this procedure seriously. The consular officer examines the applicant’s papers using translations, so everything must be correct in them. In case of distortion of meaning, which leads to various errors, typos, inaccuracies, the applicant is denied a British visa – after all, the officer will not receive the necessary information in full. That is why you need to soberly assess your abilities and not neglect the help of professionals.

7. Incorrectly uploaded documents on the VC website

Accompanying documents are sent to the Embassy in electronic form, and therefore it is important to prepare them correctly. First, before sending, check whether you have all the certificates/certificates/confirmations available: the absence of even one (but important) paper can lead to failure. Next, make sure that the appropriate category for documents is selected, and that you attach only your own files (and not other applicants who submit with you). Another criterion is the quality of the resulting electronic documents: it happens that after downloading it is greatly reduced, so you need to download and check everything before sending to avoid an offensive refusal.

Financial documents of the applicant (work certificate)

8. Low wages

Work is one of the things that Englishmen pay attention to in the first place. Having a well-paid job guarantees the applicant a stable economic link to his homeland: it is unlikely that a person will want to give up a reliable position in a company for the sake of a ghostly opportunity to work illegally in the UK. In addition, a good level of income indicates the presence of savings that can later be spent on expenses during a trip to England. A low income demonstrates to the British that the applicant does not have significant savings and will probably want to try to get a job during the trip.

9. Short work experience in the company

This reason for refusing an English visa is closely related to the first one. For Embassy staff, even a high salary cannot guarantee stability. But a long experience, even with an average salary, will show that the applicant is tied to his place of work. Here, according to the British, positive factors will converge-satisfaction with salary, working conditions, growth prospects, team, etc.the Presence of such a job demonstrates strong economic and social ties with the country, and this is what primarily affects the decision of the visa officer positively. A small work experience often becomes a reason for refusing a visa to Britain.

10. Signatures of responsible persons on the certificate

Documents from work must be signed by competent employees. This can be the General Director, his Deputy, an accountant, a human resources employee, a financial Director, etc. one signature will be enough. If the applicant holds one of the above positions, the presence of only his signature may lead to a refusal to issue a visa. It is necessary that there is either only the signature of another employee, or two signatures – both the applicant and some other responsible person. The level of trust of the British to a certificate of employment signed by family members is also not very high, so such signatures should also be avoided.

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