ThaiPass for UK citizens

The final chord of your visit to Thailand is getting a free certificate of entry, which guarantees your entry into the country. This is a formal paper, no one is refused if you fill it out correctly. It is not connected with the visa, and you can get it at the same time as applying for a visa (if you’re going for a long time).

This is a QR-code, which must be obtained online and you must register for it through the state website:
– Until November 2021, entry was by COE (certificate of entry).
– Now you have to apply for Thailand Pass The main difference is that the ThaiPass is a QR code that you have to show to the border guard, not a printed paper like the COE used to be. The TyPass is much simpler, with a waiting period of up to 7 days for a response.
– Note that the bulk of the denials on the Taypass are due to the fact that the online bookings of bookings of or agoda do not show the PCR tests and sha+ cab when you are in the country.
– A huge number of denials come from loaded insurance. Remember to make sure your insurance covers the asymptomatic course of illness.
– Some people have trouble submitting the form. Use the Google Chrome browser. If you get an “API server error” error message, you can get around it by downloading the CORS extension for Google Chrome.
– You only need to upload 4 documents in JPEG format: a) Copy of passport page with photo b) Copy of vaccination certificate for each vaccination c) SHA+ proof of accommodation, cab and test d) Copy of travel insurance.

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