Thailand is open for UK citizens

The government has announced that the country is open to all vaccinated under the Test&Go and Sandbox programs. Recall that Test&Go worked before, but did not include the Russian Federation, CIS and Ukraine, but now it is. It has already been announced that the southern islands (Phuket, Samui, etc.), Bangkok, Pattaya and Ko Chang can enter by Sand&Go. Entry is open to fully vaccinated, with two PCR tests taken in Thailand after arrival.

The difference between the Test&Go program and the sandbox program is that for the Test&Go special hotel reservations need only be for two nights (1st and 5th), and for the sandbox program the first seven. Although hotels are still inexpensive and you do not have to sit in a room. But all tourists arriving on any program must pay two Thai PCR on the spot. You can apply in parallel to both programs (to get a fast pass to any of them) if you book 7 nights or more in the same hotel.

Until January 31, the Taipass system was only open to accept new applications from tourists to Phuket, Samui, and Tao sandboxes. Don’t worry, all those who applied will be approved and are free to vacation. And please don’t spread or give in to claims that the country is closed, nothing is working, as this is a lie. There are hundreds of tourists coming in every day.

There are 25 blue zones open in February. All the major resorts are at your service, and there is no time to take a cab or a local flight – you can get to remote corners of the country on the day of arrival!

Bangkok airport (unlike Phuket) does not provide a PCR test on arrival.

The rules for entering Thailand for 2022 are simple – the vaccine is mandatory. A two-step booster will be required. Booster can be Light, but the first vaccine is mandatory V. You can get in by air. You need to come with a home PCR and take two tests ($80-$100 each per person) to continue to travel freely across the country.

From April 2022 the price of airline tickets will include a mandatory Thai insurance cost of 300 baht, the decision is still pending approval of the Government.

Relief: the coverage of compulsory travel insurance reduced from 100 to 50 thousand dollars.

In 2022 we will not allow those who became ill to visit the country, although we may still go back to 2021. Medical clearance certificate is not valid in Thailand. Light, covivac, epivac and others are not yet recognized by Thailand.

Do not confuse mandatory overnight stays for Test&Go or Sandbox programs with quarantine. Free visits to beaches, stores, cafes and malls are allowed. You just need to stay in your room during the first and fifth day after taking the PCR until you receive your results. You are required to check in daily on the MorChana online app (หมอชนะ) about your whereabouts, but the app does not actually work and is not used.

The rules for entering Ko Chang in February will be identical to the other Blue Zones (sandboxes) – vaccine and home PCR. You can enter the island now either by flying into Pattaya or Trat, or by leaving after arriving in Bangkok by SHA+ cab.

Any international airports can be used for transit. Istanbul, etc. – You can fly with a stopover anywhere. Domestically, you can fly into sandboxes with a single ticket from Bangkok, that is only Bangkok or Thai Airways.

For those who are already in Thailand a reminder that until March 25, 2022 there is an opportunity to extend visa-free stamps on the spot at the migration offices for 60 days for 1900 baht, in connection with the extension of the emergency situation (emergency decree).


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