Thailand -Insurance and rules for UK

Obligatory condition to enter the country, including children under 6 years old! COVID-19 coverage for $50,000. Thai insurance policies are not so bad. Although most tourists try to save money and take bank insurance. But still, we recommend the policies of famous companies with a worldwide reputation (such as Allianz) and a good history of service is on the coronavirus.
There have already been cases where insurance companies have refused service to positive clients. And yes, you should carefully read the small print on the last page of the contract.
Also check the Thai insurance companies for reviews. SMK and Viriyah are canceling contracts. Bangkok Insurance, Muang Thai Insurance and Dhipaya Insurance say they’re still on.

The general list for entry into Thailand is below.
Arrival is possible without having a return ticket, but to avoid questions from the border guards, buy a refundable or cheap ticket to a third country which can be burned if you stay in the Kingdom.
1. A passport with a validity of more than 6 months from the date of entry (or better from the date of formal departure).
2. be vaccinated for more than 14 days. Certificate must be in English. Those who have been sick without the vaccine will not be allowed in. Children (6 to 17 years of age at the time of entry) do not need the vaccine if they are travelling with their parents. A vaccine is required for all 18 years of age and older.
3. any travel insurance coverage of $50,000 or more. Covid must be clearly spelled out in the policy.
4. Arrival with home PCR last 72 hours for all over 6 years old. For children under 6 years of age, arrive with saliva antigen test.
5. Typass.
6. Obviously, some airlines may ask for a PCR test for a return flight out of the country. Check with the carrier for this detail in advance and directly!
7. A single voucher for paid reservations for cabs, both PCR tests and a two-night (Test&Go) or seven-night (Sandbox) stay at SHA Extra+ hotels.

The rules on arrival include installing the Morchan mobile app (in fact, the app doesn’t work, and no one installs it), in which you will mark your whereabouts each day.


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