Thai tourist visa to UK

UK visitor visa requirements for Thailand citizens:

Applicants for a UK visitor visa in Thailand should provide documents and prove:

  • That the applicant really wants to enter the United Kingdom for a limited period of time as stated in the application;
  • That the applicant is not using the visitor’s visa to stay in the United Kingdom for an extended period through several consecutive visits or extensions;
  • That the applicant will not work in the United Kingdom for remuneration or free of charge;
  • That the applicant will not be producing goods or providing services, including the sale of goods or services to the public;
  • If the applicant is attending an educational course in the United Kingdom, this is not the main purpose of the visit and does not exceed 30 days;
  • That the applicant has sufficient funds to support him or herself during the visit, without the need for public funds or work. If the applicant will be accommodated by relatives or friends in the United Kingdom, they must provide a statement that they are legally in the United Kingdom (or will be during the visit) and intend to provide accommodation and support;
  • That the applicant has the ability to leave the United Kingdom at the end of their stay.

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