Thai authorities promise to simplify the rules of entry into the country by the end of the year

Thai authorities promise to simplify the rules of entry into the country by the end of the year

The island of Phuket in Thailand, a popular holiday destination before the pandemic, is ready to receive tourists again, but those wishing to go should be prepared for a large package of documents, passing several tests and strict adherence to the anti-coveting restrictions in the country. At the same time, the authorities of the country promise to simplify the entry procedure in the coming months.

According to the Thai Tourism Authority (TAT), since the opening of Phuket for vaccination on September 1, almost 1.2 thousand tourists arrived there. A total of 905 thousand tourists arrived on the island under the Phuket Sandbox program, the Russians ranked seventh among them. The most frequent visitors to Phuket now are from Thailand, the United States, Israel, Germany and Britain.

To enter the island, tourists need a certificate of entry (COE), which is designed on the website of the Thai embassy, confirmation of hotel payment, two tests, coronavirus insurance with coverage of $100 thousand, airfare.

Tour operators believe that with the current entry procedure, the island is unlikely to become a mass vacation destination for the coming winter – it will be chosen only by wealthy tourists, for whom paying a few hundred dollars per family for tests – no problem.

The entry procedure is organized so that it is easier for tourists to go through a tour operator, who will take care of the preparation of documents. There are a lot of little complexities like choosing the type of visa and other trivialities when processing the COE certificate of entry. Recall that in 2019, Thailand received 1.5 million Russian tourists. Now even mass tour operators have booked up to 100 tours a week, which is tens or hundreds of times less than the pre-pandemic volumes.

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