Spouse/Civil Partner Visa to UK

After marriage, the spouse or partner of a British citizen must apply for a Spouse/Civil Partner visa.

Civil Partner refers to a partner in a legally registered same-sex marriage.

The visa is for 33 months for overseas applicants and 30 months for UK applicants. This visa can then be extended for an additional 30 months.

The Spouse/Civil Partner visa allows you to live and work in the UK without restriction for the duration of its validity. The holder of a Spouse/Civil Partner visa can apply for permanent residency in the UK (Indefinite Leave to Remain) provided that the spouses have lived together in the UK for five years, the marriage has not been dissolved, and the applicant intends to settle permanently in the UK.

The 180-day absence rule does not apply to people with a spouse visa or an unmarried partner visa.

Visa is issued on invitation of family members who have citizenship or residence permit in Great Britain. It allows you to visit and live with relatives while studying or getting a job. This category also includes separate permits for a bride or groom to enter the country in order to marry a resident of the country.

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