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Requirements for documents for a visa to the United Kingdom

The five most important documents for a visa to England
In 2021, without these documents, it makes no sense to even apply for a visa to the UK, they will still refuse, only you will lose time and money in vain. They form the basis of the application and should be at the very beginning of the submitted package. These documents are considered by the visa officer first. If something is wrong with them, then no one will even look further. In General, they are really important. Many people believe that one document from this list can compensate for the absence of another (for example, an account reference or a job reference). No, EACH document from this list, properly executed, must be present in your visa application.

1-application Form for a visa to the United Kingdom. Everyone who wants to get a visa to England must fill out a special visa application form in English. The application form is filled out on the UK border service website online and contains key biographical information of the applicant, as well as information about the planned trip. The questionnaire is interactive – its content changes depending on the answers and the selected type of visa. In the process of filling it out, you need to be extremely careful, follow the rules of transliteration and avoid mistakes.

2-Confirmation of the purpose of the trip. If you are traveling to England as a tourist, you can attach a hotel reservation and travel itinerary to the documents, but this is not mandatory – you can specify in the application form that you will book the hotel after obtaining a visa. If you are visiting friends/relatives, ask them to send an invitation in which they explain to the visa officer how much they missed you and want to see you at their place. If your trip is related to work or you are going to an exhibition / conference, attach documents confirming this.

3-information about employment in Russia. “A man must be at work,” Socrates wrote. And his case is exactly what should encourage him to come back after a trip to England. The same opinion is held in the British Embassy in 2021. If you work, attach a certificate of employment; if you study, documents from the educational institution. If you are a member of any public or professional organizations, please document this. However, remember that all documents must be relevant and applicable to the specific situation.

4-certificate from the applicant’s place of work. The certificate is drawn up in a free form on the company’s letterhead, which contains information about your position, work experience and average monthly earnings in the organization. If your salary is “gray”, then your actual income should be reflected in the certificate: this information is not checked. The document is certified by the signature of the responsible employee and the seal of the organization. 2-personal income tax certificate is not required: according to the new rules of 2021, the Embassy does not accept such a document for consideration.

5-certificate from the Bank account. In 2021, the Border guard service adopted new requirements for a set of documents, according to which it is not necessary to attach a Bank account statement reflecting the movement of funds. You only need a certificate from the Bank about the current balance. It is considered ideal when the available amount twice covers the planned expenses. A Bank certificate for a British visa should be taken no earlier than 2 weeks before submitting the documents. If you are traveling with your family, you can only submit a certificate from one of the family members.

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