Marriage visa to the UK 2021

Marriage visa to the UK 2021

Wife Visa to the UK

List of documents for visa wives in the UK:

Trans passport.
Certificate of TB test.
Certificate of English language test.
Marriage certificate.
Birth certificate of children (joint or from previous marriages).
Divorce certificate (if previously married)
Documents on income, bank account status and other documents confirming your ties with Ukraine are not required.

To obtain a British Visa for Wife, you must provide the following documents from your host country in the UK:

ID card.
Income documents (as part of the consultation, we provide a detailed list of documents and requirements for financial documents and the necessary amount of his income to apply for a wife visa). Minimum annual income for spouse should be £18600 (but there are exceptions to the rule).
A bank account statement.
Proof of residency in the UK.
Letter of invitation.
Documents confirming the relationship with the applicant (screenshots of correspondence, joint photos, postcards and so on).

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