Equired documents for Tourist Visas to UK citizens

Equired documents for Tourist Visas to UK citizens

All documents in Russian or any third language must be translated into English and notarized!

All travelers to Thailand are required to obtain [Thailand Pass QR code].

List of required documents:
The form, filled out electronically. Signatures on the form must be original.
1. Passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry.
2. Copy of the first page of the passport.
3. 1 photograph (4×6) on a white/light-colored background, no older than 6 months.
6. Certificate/statement from a bank in English with original signature and stamp and not older than 1 month (must be up-to-date at the moment of documents’ consideration at the Embassy). Funds must be own, credit accounts are not accepted. Statements from online banks (e.g., Tinkoff) without original seal and signature are not accepted. Account balance requirements per person – not less than 700 USD. If you have a sponsor, you must attach the sponsor’s bank statement, a typed and signed letter of sponsorship in English (indicating the relationship, including parents/children) and a copy of the sponsor’s passport.
7. Copy of confirmed and fully paid ticket to and from Thailand. Ticket booking details should be available on the airline’s website (itinerary, passenger details and payment should be visible). If the flight is a charter flight, then the original receipt of payment is required.
7.1. Proof of reservation for quarantine hotel SHA+ (minimum 7 nights for vaccinated travellers) or ACQ/ALQ (minimum 10 nights for non-vaccinated travellers). Confirmation of 100% payment for quarantine hotel. Quarantine hotel confirmation from booking.com is not acceptable!
7.2 Proof of accommodation in a post-quarantine hotel, or a copy of the rental agreement, or the landlord’s property documents. Proof of payment is required for the entire stay.
8. Original reference from work stamped on company letterhead. If applicant is studying at school/university, reference from the place of study. If the trip takes place during the school year, the certificate of study is required.
9. Vaccination data from the GosServices website with a QR code.
10. Medical insurance with at least 50,000 USD coverage.

Application processing time is about 15 days
Please note that the Royal Thai Embassy has the right to consider applications longer than the specified period.

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