Entry for UK nationals to enter Thailand

Entry for UK nationals to enter Thailand

– Spouse, parents or children of a Thai national;
The holder of a residence certificate (or residence permit);
– Students of official educational institutions approved by

Thai Ministry of Education, including parents or guardians;
– Holder of a work permit, including spouse and children;
– A person who is invited to a short-term business meeting;
– Property owners in Thailand;
– A person who is employed by a diplomatic or consular mission or an international organization, or representatives of the Government who are performing their duties in the Kingdom of Thailand, including a spouse and children;
– Non-immigrant “O” visa holder;
– Non-immigrant ‘O-A’ / O-X (Long Stay) visa holders;
– Thailand Elite Card Holder;
– STV Special Tourist Visa Holders Tourist Visa (TR) Holders
– Holders of an ordinary Russian passport who wish to travel to Thailand for up to 30 days with a visa-free regime (in accordance with the bilateral agreement on the conditions of the visa waiver)
– and others.


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